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About Google Cache Checker

What is Google Cache?

Google Cache is a feature of Google search engine that stores a copy of webpages that have been crawled by the Googlebot. The cached pages are indexed and can be searched by keywords. The cached pages can also be displayed as they were when they were last crawled by Googlebot.

Google Cache is very helpful when a website is down or the content has been changed. The cached pages can be displayed to show the old content.

How to Use Google Cache?

To use Google Cache, simply type the keyword "" (without quotes) in the Google search engine. The cached pages of the website will be displayed in the results.


Why is my webpage not found in google cache?

When you type a web address into your browser, the chances are you'll see a "page not found" error if the page doesn't exist. But what if you type in the address and see a cached version of the page instead?

That's because Google caches websites it considers to be important. When you search for a website, Google will check its cache to see if the website is available. If it is, Google will show you the cached version of the website.

There are a few reasons why your website might not be in Google's cache. One possibility is that your website is new and hasn't been indexed by Google yet. Google typically indexes websites within a few days of them being published.

Another possibility is that your website has been removed from Google's index. This can happen if the website is down, if the website owner requests that their website be removed from Google, or if the website has violated Google's terms of service.

If your website isn't in Google's cache,  however, you can improve your website's chances of being included in Google's index by making sure your website is well-optimized for search engines and by publishing fresh content on a regular basis and You can try indexing services or the best way is to build backlinks to that page or a website.